PlaidCloud Careers

Working at PlaidCloud

A Remote and Flexible Workplace

We encourage everyone at PlaidCloud to build amazing things, while enjoying a high level of autonomy and self-direction. We don’t have a central office. We believe that if a job allows for it, people should work wherever they’re happiest.

Simplified Insurance

All full time employees enjoy 100% coverage of health insurance premiums across our Medical, Dental and Vision plan offerings, including coverage for dependents.

Saving for the Future

For full time employees we offer competitive 401k planning with a dollar-for-dollar company match of up to 4% of your year-to-date salary. We also share in the profits through our profit sharing program each year.

The Right Tools

If you need something from books or equipment to training, you get it. We believe strongly in having the right tools for the job so our people have what they need to be their best. To do so, we create and market tools for web based data analysis and collaboration.

Current Openings

DevOps Engineer

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineers interested in building, maintaining, and scaling PlaidCloud. This position requires a keen eye for detail to ensure consistency in provisioning and high availability of resources.

The position is also responsible for supporting deployments for customers who choose an on-premise solution (PlaidCloud Firewall) and want support during the installation process.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Staging servers and managing access security through Ansible
  • Monitoring and managing database and Analyze file backups using Amazon S3
  • Automate restoration of databases and Analyze file backups
  • Monitoring and managing RabbitMQ in a high availability configuration
  • Managing and monitoring a Greenplum database cluster in a high availability shared nothing configuration
  • Managing and monitoring Redis in a high availability configuration
  • Monitoring server performance and optimizing server selection and cost
  • Deploy new machines as required to meet demand. Automate where possible.
  • Improve use of Ansible to automate deployment with the goal to achieve continuous integration
  • Manage SSL certificates, firewalls, load balancers, and other infrastructure through our infrastructure provider
  • Monitor and test system intrusion processes
  • Manage and configure DoS prevention tools
  • Make recommendations and work with software development teams to improve infrastructure usage and simplify design where possible
  • Improve use of Loggly data and events to proactively inform the software team of issues
  • Improve the use of tracking metrics to better understand usage patterns
  • Work with the software development teams to close testing gaps in support of eventual move to continuous integration. Write tests as needed. Automate test failure notifications.


  • Strong familiarity with DevOps processes and approaches
  • Experience with deployment tools and deployment automation
  • Strong understanding of Linux/Unix configuration processes
  • Strong understanding of security best practices
  • Strong understanding of Postgres configuration, failover processes, and recovery
  • Strong written communications skills


  • Experience with Ansible
  • Experience with Greenplum databases
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with R, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy
  • Experience with Redis
  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Git/GitHub automation

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Python Software Engineer

Python is the core language at PlaidCloud. We are looking for experienced Python Software Engineers who will help us create products and services that help our customers analyze information in new and powerful ways.


  • 3+ years of Python development or similar experience in another object oriented language such as Java or Ruby (Python preferred)
  • Understanding of SQL databases and familiarity with database operations (Postgres or Greenplum preferred)
  • Understanding of web frameworks and web server technologies
  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot technical issues
  • Strong Python development skills
  • Strong understanding of testing processes
  • Strong written communications skills


  • Experience with Postgres or Greenplum databases
  • Experience in building and maintaining enterprise level web systems
  • Experience in building and maintaining highly scalable asynchronous computing workloads using message queues
  • Experience in building or maintaining RESTFUL APIs
  • Experience with Pandas, R, Numpy, SciPy
  • Experience with Tornado and web sockets
  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with SQLAlchemy
  • Experience with IPython/Jupyter Notebooks
  • Experience working on large scale data analytics
  • Experience with Git

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Javascript Software Engineer

The entire PlaidCloud client is a rich object oriented javascript platform using the Qooxdoo toolkit. We augment Qooxdoo to enable dynamic site generation and extend the core components to provide a richer data analytics experience.

We are looking for people with both a passion for visual perfection as well as having strong ECMAScript/Javascript development skills. They should also want to build and scale high impact user interfaces to serve as the main contact point for customers with the PlaidCloud service.


  • Strong familiarity with object oriented javascript
  • Strong understanding of user interface design principles and best practices
  • Javascript and client testing experience
  • Strong written communications skills


  • Experience with Qooxdoo
  • Experience with Jinja
  • Experience with CSS
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with R, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy
  • Experience with IPython/Jupyter Notebooks
  • Experience working with technical interface designs used for data analytics
  • Experience with Git

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