About PlaidXL

PlaidXL provides an essential link to SAP PCM and PlaidCloud enabling direct interaction with data, workflows, and other processes directly from Microsoft Excel. Since Excel is the tool of choice for most business people, it became a natural extension of the web interface to keep people on their native turf.

PlaidXL is a native Excel add-in that augments Excel, but does not take over like many other add-ins. You can continue to use all of the native Excel functionality as you did before including formatting, charting, macros, and other advanced usages without PlaidXL interfering or modifying Excel work patterns. It will even interact with other add-ins, like Essbase, without causing conflicts. It truly supercharges Excel while ensuring existing workbooks operate as they always have.

PlaidXL is integrated with PlaidCloud security to ensure maximum collaboration but ensuring privacy where required.

For those with SAP’s Profitability and Cost Management application, PlaidXL has native direct connection capability to your various PCM instances. PlaidXL is the essential tool for PCM reporting and data input. It can load data faster than Databridge and allows native usage in Excel for charting or other Excel functions.

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