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Getting Started

PlaidXL is a reporting tool created to help efficiently build reports based on results from PlaidCloud data and SAP PCM costing models. To do so, PlaidXl reads PlaidCloud and SAP PCM data, writes data onto PlaidCloud and SAP PCM, retrieves hierarchies metadata from PlaidCloud and SAP PCM, and retrieves data and WriteBack from the PlaidCloud tables and SAP PCM data cubes.

While PlaidXL does not replace the existing reporting tools of PlaidCloud and SAP PCM, it augments them.

Why use PlaidXL #

PlaidXL enhances and eases your data analysis, report, collection, processes and allows you to immediately interact with data from PlaidCloud and SAP PCM—and you can do all this through Excel. Even the input data that is commonly found in Excel spreadsheets can easily be transfer from spreadsheets to PlaidCloud tables or PCM models using the WriteBack feature on PlaidXL.

PlaidXL easily builds ad-hoc reports and can periodically retrieve a pre-formatted deck of reports. These are only a few capabilities PlaidXL offers.

When to use PlaidXL #

PlaidXL’s benefits include creating highly customized standardized reports and quickly modifing, extending, and replicating existing reports at only a business-user skillset level.

PlaidXL is useful in many circumstances:

  • When you are need of quick access to PCM hierarchies and data from Excel
  • When rapid migration of pre-PCM preferred views to a new PCM-driven current state is desired
  • When you need to easily adjust PCM model data to perform driver updates and What-If analysis
  • When you would like to easily refresh full stacks of reports with new information

Key Features of PlaidXL #

  • Create presentation level reports in Excel using PCM data and PlaidCloud data
  • Operates well with all native Excel functionality and 3rd Party Excel tools
  • Easily performs ad-hoc analysis directly in Excel
  • Retrieves and combines data from multiple PCM models to perform What-If analysis
  • Collects and writes data from Excel directly to PCM or PlaidCloud
  • Utilizes PlaidCloud and PCM
  • Security and authentication to ensure correct information access
  • Easy access to hierarchies and drill down capability


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