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Notify Distribution Group

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Description #

Send an email notification to a PlaidCloud distribution group. Messages are sent from No outbound setup is required.

Select PlaidCloud Distribution List #

Select a single distribution list from the drop down menu. Distribution lists can be created using Tools. For details on creating a distribution list, see here: PlaidCloud Tools – Distro.

Message #

Specify Subject and Body as desired.

Please note that both System Variables and Workflow Variables are available for use with this transform, in both the subject line and the message body.

Additionally, standard HTML code is permitted in the body to further customize the look of the email messages.

Workflow Configuration Forms #

Notify Distribution List

Examples #

In this example, all of the system variables are used. Additionally, there is a small bit of HTML used to format the first line of the body. Executing this transform will send the following email to all members specified in the distribution group:

Notify Distribution List


Individual recipients of the email message will not be able to see the names of other members on the distribution list.

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