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Description #

Rename an existing PlaidCloud Analyze workflow.


If the renamed workflow already exists, an error will be written to the log noting that Workflow {workflow} in project {project} already exists. No action will be taken. This effectively limits the Rename Workflow transform to a single use.

Workflow to Rename #

First, select the Project which contains the workflow to be renamed from the Project dropdown menu.

Next, select the particular workflow to be renamed from the Workflow dropdown menu.

Finally, enter the new workflow name in the Rename To field. Remember that the name should be unique to the Project.

Workflow Configuration Forms #

Rename Workflow

Examples #

In this example, the workflow Blank Workflow Copied by Analyze is renamed to Blank Workflow Renamed by Analyze. Additionally, the default value of ERROR if the target workflow already exists ensures that nothing happens should the specified workflow already exist.

Rename Workflow

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