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Description #

Loads an SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) model using direct table loads. This process is significantly faster than Databridge. The Hyper Loader supports virtually all of the current PCM data, assignment, and structure tables.

This is the current list of available loading targets:

  • Activity Aliases
  • Activity Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Activity Driver Aliases
  • Activity Driver Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Activity Driver Value
  • BOM Default Makeup
  • BOM External Unit Rate
  • BOM Makeup
  • BOM Production Volume
  • BOM Units Sold
  • Cost Object 1 Aliases
  • Cost Object 1 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Cost Object 2 Aliases
  • Cost Object 2 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Cost Object 3 Aliases
  • Cost Object 3 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Cost Object 4 Aliases
  • Cost Object 4 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Cost Object 5 Aliases
  • Cost Object 5 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Cost Object Assignment
  • Cost Object Driver
  • Line Item Aliases
  • Line Item Detail Aliases
  • Line Item Detail Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Line Item Detail Value
  • Line Item Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Line Item Direct Activity Assignment
  • Line Item Resource Driver Assignment
  • Line Item Value
  • Period Aliases
  • Period Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Resource Driver Aliases
  • Resource Driver Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Resource Driver Split
  • Resource Driver Value
  • Responsibility Center Aliases
  • Responsibility Center Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Revenue
  • Revenue Aliases
  • Revenue Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Service Aliases
  • Service Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Spread Aliases
  • Spread Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Spread Value
  • Version Aliases
  • Version Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Worksheet 1 Aliases
  • Worksheet 1 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Worksheet 2 Aliases
  • Worksheet 2 Dimensional Hierarchy
  • Worksheet Value

Our Credentials #

Tartan Solutions is an official SAP Partner and a preferred vendor of services related to SAP PCM model design and implementation.

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Workflow Configuration Forms #

PCM Hyper Loader

Examples #

PCM Hyper Loader

Select Agent to Use from the dropdown. Enter model name and select the load package storage path location, then select the child folder desired from within. Use the Table Data Selection below to select the source table model and the target load table. Inspect source>>propagate both sides of the table will reveal the data. Click “Save and Run Step” when the data is entered and you have added any expressions.

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