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Temporary storage may sound counter-intuitive, but real-world use has shown it to be valuable. Typically, permanent storage is used to move large files between members or among other systems, and file cleanup in these storage locations often happens haphazardly, at best. This causes storage to fill with files that shouldn’t be there, eventually requiring manual cleanup.

Temporary storage is perfect for sharing or transferring these types of large files because the files are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

To view temporary storage options:

  1. Select the Document page
  2. Select the “Temp Share” menu at the top of the screen

Shared Temporary Storage #

Shared temporary storage is viewable by all members of the workspace but is not viewable across workspaces. To access the shared temporary storage area, select the “Temp Share” menu and click “Workspace Temp Share” to display a table of files currently in the workspace’s Temp Share area.

To add new files to a shared temporary storage location:

  1. Select the “Temp Share” menu along the top of the main Document page
  2. Click “Workspace Temp Share”
  3. Click “Browse” to browse locally stored items
  4. Select the desired file and click “Open”
  5. Click “Upload” to upload the file to the temporary storage location

To download existing files from temporary storage:

  1. Click on left-most icon, which represents the file type 

To manually delete a file:

  1. Click the red delete icon to the left of the file name. 

Additional details on file management can be found below under “File Explorer”.

Personal Temporary Storage #

Personal temporary storage is only viewable by the member to which the temp share belongs. This storage option is beneficial because it’s accessible across workspaces. This functionality makes it easy to move or use files across workspaces if the member is working in multiple workspaces simultaneously.

All members of the workspace can upload files to a members personal share as a dropbox.

To upload a file to another member’s personal share:

  1. Select the “Temp Share” menu along the top of the main Document page
  2. Select “Drop File to Member Temp”. A list of members will be displayed.
  3. Click the left-most icon associated with the member of your choosing
  4. Click “Browse” to browse locally stored items
  5. Select desired file and then click “Open”
  6. Click “Upload” to upload the file to the member’s personal storage

Additional details on file uploading can be found below under “File Explorer”.

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