Intercompany Transfer Pricing


With one seamless soltution, extract and align data from multiple ERPs and other sources. Enable intercompany teams to focus on optimal goods and services pricing, not mundane reconciliations and data validation. PlaidCloud’s solution can modernize your company’s management of intercompany goods and services pricing, invoicing and reporting. Reduce the risk for audit irregularities with our cutting-edge technology. PlaidCloud is your one-stop shop for automating your end to end Transfer Pricnig and Intercompany processes. Request a demo below >

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Automate the Entire Intercompany Invoicing Process

Key Intercompany Features  (can we turn these into icons/interactive buttons)

  • Automated end-to-end workflow
  • Simultaneous posting of sending and receiving entries
  • Invoice creation & attachment
  • Driver-based allocations of shared charges
  • Country-compliant calculations including markup, VAT, WHT
  • Reconciliation of AP / AR across entities and ERP systems
  • Clear and defensible audit trail

Key Transfer Pricing  Features  (can we turn these into icons/interactive buttons)

  • Intelligent price change recommendations
  • Automated price adjustments
  • Rules based determination of transfer pricing method
  • Profit monitoring by segment, function
  • Automated exception handling
  • VAT, GST, & WHT rules and integrations
  • Country by Country (CbCR) reporting
  • Tax compliance support

Global Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate and post coordinated invoices across multiple ERP systems, entities, and offline companies. Enables auto-calculation of VAT, GST, Withholding & local taxes on an invoice line item basis. Handle the reality that entities often reside in multiple ERP or offline systems with manual integration.

generate IT Chargeback Invoices

Automate the Entire Intercompany Invoicing Process

Centralized solution that unifies the entire intercompany invoicing process. NEED additional introduction text and improved graphic.

Automate The Entire Intercompany Invoicing Process infographic

Key Benefits

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Runs automatically as part periodic or month-end close process.

goods transfer pricing reporting icon


Reports are disseminated to key stakeholders automatically.

goods transfer pricing configurability icon


The intercompany team controls allocation logic using interfaces, not code.

goods transfer pricing traceability icon


Results feed into company ledger.

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PlaidCloud is made up of highly-respected experts with diverse skillset and backgrounds. We have decades worth of payment industry experience working for issuers, acquirers, processors, and card brands. And some of us have even been merchants ourselves, running successful businesses of our own. We’re excited to share all our hard-earned expertise with you and become your trusted advisors to building an effective dispute management strategy. TEXT NEEDS REPLACED

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Start with Pre-Built Flexible Solutions

PlaidCloud's AI managed infrastructure ensures the technology is always there when you need it and self-heals so you never have to worry. Batteries included, nothing to install or settings to decide. Focus on analysis and insights. Leave the tech to us. Fast and complete, everything you need from data collection with powerful transformations to beautiful dashboards. All built for speed on any size data.

Goods Transfer Pricing

Automate OPEX allocations, segmented P&L, profit monitoring, price resetting, CbCR reporting.

Goods Transfer Pricing icon

Profitability & Cost Management

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

Profitability Cost Management icon

Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

Interco Invoicing Tax Compliance icon

Data Pipeline

Leading data analysis methods, workflows & techniques.

Data Pipeline icon

IT Chargeback

Based on standard (e.g. ITIL, MOF, TBM) or bespoke framework of your choice.

IT Chargeback icon

Data Visualization

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

Data Visualization Icon