With one seamless soltution, extract and align data from multiple ERPs and other sources. Enable intercompany teams to focus on optimal goods and services pricing, not mundane reconciliations and data validation. PlaidCloud’s solution can modernize your company’s management of intercompany goods and services pricing, invoicing and reporting. Reduce the risk for audit irregularities with our automated intracompany solution. PlaidCloud is your one-stop shop for automating your end to end Transfer Pricing and Intercompany processes. Request a demo below >

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What does PlaidCloud’s Intercompany Accounting solution do for you?

Intercompany accounting refers to the process of recording financial transactions between entities within the same corporate group. Connect to any system, in real-time, and automate your end-to-end intercompany accounting process. With our automated invoice creation, matching, and elimination solution – ensure accuracy, reduce risk, and eliminate any compliance issues.

What types of Intercompany transactions does PlaidCloud process?

PlaidCloud can process any type of intercompany transaction, including the sale of goods or services, transfer of assets, payment of royalties, and intercompany loans. We make it easy for you to set up templates in PlaidCloud and differentiate between transaction types.

What Intercompany challenges does PlaidCloud solve?

  • The ability to connect to unlimited systems, with no restriction on file type, in real-time. If you are an organization with a complex systems landscape, PlaidCloud can seamlessly integrate your data.
  • Built-in data wrangling and cleansing engine. If you are an organization with Inconsistent data structures across multiple systems, PlaidCloud has the ability to clean and structure your data directly within the tool – eliminating the need for IT resources time.
  • With our automated Intercompany transaction and invoice capabilities, you can drill down to a specific invoice/transaction from any system in real-time directly within PlaidCloud.
  • With the ever-evolving requirements surrounding Intercompany transactions, PlaidCloud’s intelligent Intercompany solution has the ability to handle all requirements from any tax authorities globally.
  • PlaidCloud has an automated journal entry engine, that posts Intercompany entries to unlimited systems, ensuring your intercompany balances are always zero.
  • PlaidCloud’s Intercompany solution ensures your organization is timely in filings and adhering to local authority requirements. PlaidCloud has continuously helped organizations drive down compliance costs.

How has PlaidCloud’s Intercompany solution helped organizations like yours?

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

  • FORTUNE 500 Manufacturing Customer
  • $3 Billion Dollars of Intercompany Transactions Processed Annually
  • 4 Day Reduction of Close
  • 9,000 Intercompany Invoices Generated Monthly
  • 70% reduction in FTE Processing Intercompany Activities

Improved Accuracy: Intercompany accounting ensures accurate recording and reconciliation of financial transactions between affiliated entities, reducing errors and discrepancies.

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlining intercompany processes minimizes manual efforts, automates data transfer, and accelerates the financial close, leading to greater operational efficiency.

Effective Risk Management: Proper intercompany accounting practices help identify and mitigate financial risks associated with intercompany transactions, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Optimized Resource Allocation: By centralizing intercompany accounting functions, organizations can better allocate resources, reduce duplication of efforts, and optimize financial management across subsidiaries or departments.

Facilitated Decision Making: Access to timely and accurate intercompany financial data enables informed decision-making, strategic planning, and performance analysis at both the corporate and subsidiary levels.

Strengthened Relationships: Clear and transparent intercompany accounting processes foster trust and collaboration among affiliated entities, strengthening relationships and promoting synergy within the organization.

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