A PlaidCloud service upgrade is scheduled for next Tuesday at 2pm EST/1pm CST. During the upgrade we attempt to keep all systems operational but there may be a brief outage as systems are restarted. Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

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Best regards,
Paul Morel

Upgrade Includes

New Features:

  • Model Loop Transform – This allows Analyze workflows to run a model while setting different model variables on each pass. The variable values can come from a table of data, set manually, or generated by a range of numbers and/or letters.Global address parsing is now available using the Python postal import in Analyze User Defined Transforms. This provides a robust global address parsing capability.


  • Analyze Lookup Transform improvement to allow better filtering of the lookup table without needing to pre-filter the lookup set or post-filter the result
  • Speed enhancement to Analyze workflows with a reduction of at least 1 second per step
  • Upgraded Import Quandl Transform to comply with new Quandl API
  • Improved data cluster monitoring