A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 14th at 2pm EST/1pm CST. During the update we attempt to keep all systems operational but there may be a brief outage as systems are restarted. We will be performing a core database upgrade at the time so this outage may extend up to an hour. The expected outage time is less than ten minutes. Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

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Update Includes

New Releases:



• File imports now allow forcing to ASCII to avoid encoding issues. You can still use the encoding conversion transforms but this option will perform the forcing to ASCII inline.
• File imports now allow capturing the file name and path to allow retention of import information when importing a directory of files.
• In addition to the path and filename information for file imports above, Excel imports now allow capturing of the Excel tab name of the data imported.
• Addition of data type specification capability in delimited files which allows for seamless transfers of data and preservation of correct data types. Import and export transforms now consume these typed delimited files correctly.
• Various improvements to usability for Excel imports to handle missing data or stray characters in cells far outside the dataset
• Usernames are now case insensitive
• Single Sign-On now allows dynamic creation of users based on SSO authentication along with assignment to security roles based on groups defined in Active Directory or other security system on the customer side
• Improved user management automation now allows extracting the current user list as well as providing a list of users to remove from a workspace. This is all operated from within a workflow so it can be automated and scheduled like other workflows.
• Improved log viewer for examining workflow logs in Analyze
• Stability and option enhancements for SAP Remote Function Call usage

  • Journal entry
  • File attachment to FI document
  • General RFC call
  • Master data

• Various additional bug fixes and maintenance items