This upgrade has been in Beta for several months undergoing validation by a number of customers.  There are many new features coming in the upgrade.  In addition, this upgrade will move all remaining services from Python 2.7 to Python 3.7.  The Python language upgrade was a major effort with the expectation that it will provide the foundation for future enhancements including improving speed and reliability of the platform.

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  For customers not using Single Sign-On, you will login with your email address rather than your username from now on.

Update Includes

New Items:

  • New Dashboards tab – Dashboards are so poplar they now have their own tab.  You can open dashboards directly from the dashboards tab.
  • Point-and-Click Cleaner – The table mapper now makes it very easy to apply text trimming, rounding, and date/time extractions including the following:
    • Text – Trim whitespace, make uppercase, make lowercase, force to ASCII
    • NULL Values – Set null values to default or make certain values null
    • Date & Time – Extract date and time elements such as day, day of the week, year, etc.. from a date field.  Generate ISO date & times.
    • Numbers – Convert text based values (e.g. 20k –> 20,000) into numbers and round numbers to specific decimal places
  • Results filter – You can now filter the results of a table operation such as a Union, Join, or Extract based on the values created including expression based values
  • Unified login – New login process allows the same login credentials across production, beta, and CI environments for customers not using Single Sign-On
  • Security Log – All security related changes are now logged and viewable in the Identity tab for those with appropriate access


  • Pivot & Melt – The Pivot and Melt transforms have become many times faster with this release and can handle large datasets now
  • Allocations – For customers using the allocations transform, allocations are many times faster now and can handle much larger datasets
  • Organization updates – Improved speed of table, workflow, and step organizational changes
  • Real time workflow and table updates – Changes to workflow state, step state, or table shapes will appear in real-time rather than at polling intervals
  • Security Scope Updates – Changes to required security scopes were required to allow read-only access to certain areas
  • Improved write speed – Read and write speeds from User Defined Functions (UDFs) now have substantial improvements
  • Improved dashboard table updates – In the past, table structure changes may not have always been reflected in dashboards automatically.  This has been improved to ensure all table changes are reflected while preserving calculated columns defined within the dashboard data tables