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Work with global teams in a secure and controlled workspace
allowing rapid development and knowledge sharing.

Onboard Your Team Quickly

No costly per-user license fees to delay onboarding your team.
  • Add users any time the project merits
  • Control access by role and responsibility
  • Integrate with corporate single sign-on and other common identity providers
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Approachable Toolset

Your subject matter experts can contribute immediately.
  • Low-code / easy configuration approach
  • Readily available documentation, examples, and support
  • Transforms designed for the business user
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Purpose-Built Solution Templates

Leverage existing models and start on 3rd base.
  • Intercompany transfer pricing
  • Cost allocation and profitability management
  • Supply chain costing and optimization
  • More coming frequently…
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Work With Shared Data Quickly

Native data exploration and analysis only a click away.
  • Easily explore data and get summary statistics or every column in a table
  • Point-and-click filtering makes exploration fast and simple
  • Export results, save & share filters, and save as a Extract step
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Notifications Keep Everyone Informed

Keep everyone in-the-loop through automated notifications.
  • Keep everyone informed through notifications to email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others
  • Current customers span the globe and regularly work across time zones on global teams
  • Support for any language and character sets in the data (UTF-8)
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Open Platform for Limitless Possibilities

Open platform approach makes it easy to use with other tools.
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Google Cloud
SAP Partner
SOC2 Type 2 Certified