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Schedule workflows to run on a routine basis or conditionally. Automatically pull data
from ERP and other source systems. Publish model results to consumers.

Create & Run Workflows

Sequence steps into workflows with ease.
  • Workflows are designed via point-and-click interface
  • Reuse data transformations across multiple workflows
  • Nest workflows and handle exceptions gracefully
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Automate or Run as Needed

Full automation is possible, as is on-demand or conditional triggering.
  • Automatically trigger workflow events based on sensors
  • Create schedules to trigger workflows based on time, day, and month
  • Control when workflows and steps execute using conditions
automate event schedule screen

Set & Use Variables

Variables enable dynamic parameters within workflows and configurations.
  • Variables enable powerful and dynamic flexibility throughout PlaidCloud
  • Set and use variables for everything from field values to file and table names
  • Control workflow execution through conditional variable values
project variable screen
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