See PlaidCloud in Action

Accelerate Results with Powerful Workflows

  • Extensive library of data extraction, transformation, and analysis tools

  • Configurations are point-and-click with live workflow status updates

  • User defined transforms allow for custom logic natively within a workflow using Python

  • Seamlessly sync custom logic with a Git repo

Transform Selection graphic

Collaborative Analysis

  • Share data and analysis pipelines effortlessly

  • Instantly update dashboard results and share with others

  • Easily control access to sensitive information

Collaborative Analysis graphic

Integrate Files, Data, and Systems

  • Use data connectors for system and data integration

  • Import and export virtually any file format

  • Connect to common databases (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL)

  • Connect to HANA, Teradata, Netezza, Hadoop, and Exadata

  • Connect to other Analytics databases (e.g. Vertica, Greenplum, Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake)

  • SAP connectors for posting, document attachment, and report retrievals

  • Connect to OData and RESTful data endpoints

SAP ECC Integration graphic

Batteries Included

  • Nothing to install or update

  • Everything from powerful data extraction tools to beautiful dashboards is included

  • A single tool for end-to-end analysis pipelines

Workflow Management graphic

Work Anywhere Efficiently

  • Safely work from anywhere with modern intelligent security

  • Connect to just about any system or datasource – even behind the firewall

  • Desktop-like speed and efficiency

  • Direct Microsoft Excel integration using PlaidCloud Office Add-in

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Automatic Documentation and History

  • Workflows and transforms automatically documented

  • Clear audit trail is maintained for all changes

  • Rollback changes to earlier version instantly

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Great Technology Underneath It All

  • Ultra scale data store eliminates data size concerns

  • Modern best-in-class infrastructure ensures optimum performance

  • Kubernetes ensures always available self-healing infrastructure

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