Powerful Flexibility with Pre-Built Solutions

With PlaidCloud, PlaidXL, and PlaidLink working together, complex business problems are solved rapidly at scale.  While PlaidCloud provides substantial flexibility to solve just about any problem, getting started with a pre-built solution accelerates the value for you.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing for Goods & Services

  • Clear audit trail and repeatable processes for compliance

  • Include both goods and services

  • Reduce risk of large adjustments

  • Automated and balanced AR/AP postings across multiple ERP systems

  • AI powered price setting

Bill of Materials Costing and Forecasting

  • Understand material costs at any level

  • Indented View, Flat View, and Cost Projections of BOMs

  • Incorporate supplier negotiated cost takeouts and engineering changes

  • Scales to millions of components, sub-assemblies, and sellable items

  • Incorporate volumes for cost and capital forecast

Bill of Materials Cost Projections
Customer & Product Profitability

Customer & Product Profitability

  • Aids data-driven decision making at all levels

  • Multi-dimensional profitability analysis (e.g. customer, product, channel, etc…)

  • Many cost and revenue allocation approaches supported

  • Easily augment system data with manual inputs

  • Rapidly react to market changes and gain insight quickly

Cost to Serve

  • Provides detailed level value chain analysis

  • Clear segmentation and drivers of cost

  • Analyze and drill down to individual order and delivery line item level

  • Consolidate information from multiple systems into a comprehensive view

  • Support fee for service and driver based budgeting

Cost to Serve
Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Automate manual processes

  • Ensure repeatable and consistent process every time

  • Drive greater process control, compliance, and monitoring

  • Accelerate process completion times

  • Perform operations in massively parallel processes

Marketing & Sales Analysis

  • Drive clearer understanding of customer trends

  • Link sales strategies and campaigns to outcomes

  • Categorize customers based on behaviors (e.g. purchase frequency, returns, service calls, etc…)

  • Understand customers and groups at detailed transaction level

  • Improve sales effectiveness of discounts and incentives by customer, product, and channel

Sales and Marketing Analysis