PlaidCloud is designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive platform for data analysis. This includes everything from collecting, cleaning, transforming, and analyzing information, to exploring the results using tools such as PlaidXL for Excel, the Table Explorer, and Jupyter Notebooks. PlaidCloud also offers the ability to integrate Tableau and SAP’s Lumira.

The organization and security of PlaidCloud provides a natural separation of information by project and workflow. Users can be assigned to projects as needed or projects can be designated as public for anyone in the account. The ability to control access at the project level supports usage patterns while keeping things like M&A activities or divestitures secret tightly controlled.

PlaidCloud provides native sharing of data between projects and workflows if the need arises. This greatly reduces the replication of common information and ensures those responsible for its maintenance have current and correct information. If a warehouse or data store already contains the golden information, PlaidCloud can automate the updating and integration of it into the PlaidCloud environment to ensure everyone is working with the same basis and assumptions.

To enhance the interactions of users in PlaidCloud, notifications such as email, SMS, twitter, and others are natively available. Notifications can be sent based on events or simply to notify people when information is available.

Personalized activity streams are provided so you can monitor activities across all of your projects and workflows. Single Sign-on is built-in for those who want to use it for seamless integration with their own systems.

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