A core goal of business is maintaining profitability across customers and products. Even non-profits must manage contribution margin to ensure they remain in the black. Managing at gross margin only tells a small part of the story and can lead to poor decision cycles and eventually insolvency. Measuring profitability at net margin is the key.

Customer & Product ProfitabilityBy using net margin, your most profitable products and customers can be benchmarked against your less profitable ones. Rather than attempting to force external benchmarks to fit your business, using the measures and metrics to compare your customers and products allows you to remain in control. Internal benchmarking focuses decision making around factors unique to your business such as customer service levels, ordering patterns, shipping quantities, discounts, incentives, and payment terms.

PlaidCloud provides the foundation for an automated and repeatable process able to provide deep insight as well as powering dashboards and KPIs with high level information.

Built by people with real world experiences in financial, operational, and costing analysis, PlaidCloud is a trustworthy tool designed to aid and support analysts. It was designed by analysts for analysts.