Financial Analytics

The limitations of desktop software and the highly technical nature of enterprise software or ETL tools have always restricted the ability to effectively bring key financial information from its myriad of sources into a timely, repeatable, and scalable form. PlaidCloud offers a solution to this.

PlaidCloud breaks down these restrictions so business users can pull information from very large datasets, along with data from many other sources, into a comprehensive environment fit for financial analysis. Its abilities expand to quick data access, collaboration amongst colleagues, and, of course, built-in security to ensure privacy.

But we know one of a financial analyst’s most important tools is Excel. That’s where the PlaidXL plugin comes in. PlaidCloud simply enhances Excel with this plugin so data can be accessed directly from Excel.

Built by people with real world experiences in financial, operational, and costing analysis, PlaidCloud is a trustworthy tool designed to aid and support analysts. It was designed by analysts for analysts.

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