Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

Operations and supply chain logistics can be very expensive if not performed well, but they are necessary for a smooth running business. Their analysis provides key insights into customer focused aspects such as cost to serve, last mile delivery costs, network routing costs, and other large scale analytics problems.

From a high level every business appears to operate in a similar way. However, when the real-world details of actual product or service flow are factored in, every business is unique. PlaidCloud equips you with the tools to quickly bring the necessary information together and gain insight into the operations of your company. Instead of forcing your data to fit into a predefined model, PlaidCloud’s flexibility allows you to rapidly construct, alter, and share models specific to your business regardless of the data’s size or quality.

Built by people with real world experiences in financial, operational, and costing analysis, PlaidCloud is a trustworthy tool designed to aid and support analysts. It was designed by analysts for analysts.

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