Build, Scale, Deploy

Over many years of observing how analytics systems evolve, we have seen a pattern that drove us to break the cycle of disruption and expense often found when tools reach their limit. The scenario usually begins by solving a problem with a spreadsheet first, followed by the jump to Microsoft Access or other desktop database software when the spreadsheet management becomes overwhelming, and finally ending up in large implementation project to transform a mission critical application running on desktop software. The trouble with the transitions between tools is it is expensive, disruptive, and ultimately unnecessary.

PlaidCloud has the solution. It provides the ability to start small, integrate spreadsheets, and interact using Microsoft Excel and your web browser without any rip-and-replace along the way. It is designed for easy maintenance by a single person while maintaining the ability to provide collaboration across thousands of users around the world.

With the ability to create unlimited workspaces, projects, and models as well as adding as many users as you want without rewriting, migration, or additional cost, PlaidCloud makes starting a project quick and easy. PlaidCloud makes it even easier to keep your project running no matter the size or complexity.

Try PlaidCloud today. Start quickly and scale up.