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Tartan Solutions designs, builds, deploys, and automates financial models that run and update on an ongoing basis. Our approach leads to sustainable deployments that enable business leaders to trend information over time and to better measure and act upon financial and operating metrics.


Our consultants each have 10-20 years of Financial Modeling experience and are specialists in Cost & Profitability Analytics, Transfer Pricing, and Cost to Serve.


Tartan Solutions are SAP Silver Partners with 60+ years of delivery experience with SAP and 50+ models successfully deployed.


Tartan Solutions consultants have strong technical skills, are specialists in cutting edge model delivery (size, complexity, capabilities) and experts in data model and load performance optimization.

Experience Matters.

We build analytical models that turn your company’s financial and operating data into actionable results and insights.

Our consultants each have 10-20 years of experience building and deploying financial models.

  • Financial Modeling with PlaidCloud
  • Customer, Product, Channel Costing & Profitability
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Cost Management
  • High Volume Transactional Costing
  • Intercompany Transfer Pricing
  • Predictive Modeling for Planning & Forecasting
  • Modeling Performance Optimization
  • Intercompany Stacked Margin Modeling

Data-Driven Mindset  End-to-end sustainable financial models are built based on sustainable inputs. We deploy APIs to automatically source input data from source systems whenever possible.

Best Practices for Allocation Model Building. We build financial models that enable executives to better understand their businesses. Allocation models turn financial and operations data into information that guides strategy and supports operational efficiency.

Reporting & Data Visualization. Results of financial models are disseminated into the organization through BI reporting and integration with corporate data warehouses.

Services & Consulting

Built to Last.

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We believe – if a financial model is worth the effort to design and build, then it should be built in a manner that allows it to scale, adapt and be sustained. Our consulting engagements and deployments focus on an end-to-end view of financial and supply chain modeling, with major emphasis placed on automated APIs and workflows.