The third and final phase of our networking upgrade is scheduled to begin Sunday 6pm EST but this will require a complete outage of PlaidCloud. Also, the duration of the outage can last up to four hours but we expect it to last less than two. Fortunately, once this final phase of networking upgrades is in place, our network will have built-in resilience to allow network failures and maintenance without impacting PlaidCloud availability in the future.

Weekly Update on Tuesday
A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 26th at 2pm EST/1pm CST. During the update we attempt to keep all systems operational but there may be a brief outage as systems restart. The expected outage time is less than ten minutes.

Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

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Remember, you can always check the status of PlaidCloud at our Status Page.


Update Includes

New Releases

  • SAP Retrieve Master Data Transform
    Alllows pulling of SAP master data directly from SAP
    Allows generation of master data schema information
  • SAP File Attachment
    Attach files to any SAP Document Number
    Accepts specification of attachments from a table to help automate batch attachments in SAP
  • SAP Journal Entry Posting
    Allows trial posting to detect failures
    Allows posting of journal entries
    Allows specification of posting groups to ensure sets of transactions will all post successfully before any post
    Allows posting groups to span SAP instances to allow verification across global deployments with more than one SAP instance


  • SAP Remote Function Call now allows specification of the SAP instance in the transform rather than being a global setting for the PlaidLink agent
  • Usernames will be case insensitive to eliminate sign-in failures due to using the wrong case