Collect. Analyze. Integrate. Grow.

Accelerate results with powerful low code workflows. Share data and analysis pipelines effortlessly. Integrate files, data and systems. Workflows and transforms automatically documented. Batteries included, nothing to install or update. Plus, great technology underneath eliminating data size concerns. Work anywhere efficiently and safely.

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Set Up Data Sources

Rapidly assemble and integrate datasets from different sources, including flat files, internal databases, and publicly available data.

Analyze & Collaborate

Create repeatable workflows that perform simple to complex data quality transformations along with insight generation without writing any code. Native parallel operations make fast work of any size data.

Integrate, Scale, Grow

Work with global teams in a secure and controlled workspace allowing rapid development and knowledge sharing. Reuse data generated by teams who own it without moving it. Track work progress and execution of both automated and manual workflows.

PlaidCloud In Use

$4 Billion global technology manufacturer manages detailed vendor costs and multi-year bill-of-materials cost projections through integration of engineering systems, forecasting, and purchasing.

$5 Billion global process manufacturing company manages transfer pricing compliance across 37 countries for both services and tangible goods.

$24 Billion health insurance company determines customer, product, and line-of-business detailed operational costs with updates from stakeholders on a monthly basis.


Fully transparent solution for automated OPEX allocations, segmented P&L reporting, profit monitoring, price resetting and country-by-country reporting.

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Start with Pre-Built Flexible Solutions

PlaidCloud's AI managed infrastructure ensures the technology is always there when you need it and self-heals so you never have to worry. Batteries included, nothing to install or settings to decide. Focus on analysis and insights. Leave the tech to us. Fast and complete, everything you need from data collection with powerful transformations to beautiful dashboards. All built for speed on any size data.

Goods Transfer Pricing

Automate OPEX allocations, segmented P&L, profit monitoring, price resetting, CbCR reporting.

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Profitability & Cost Management

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

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Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

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Data Pipeline

Leading data analysis methods, workflows & techniques.

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IT Chargeback

Based on standard (e.g. ITIL, MOF, TBM) or bespoke framework of your choice.

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Data Visualization

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

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SAP PCM maintenance has ended. Where to from here?

PlaidCloud's Profitability and Cost Management solution provides an easy transition and fills in the missing pieces for those coming from SAP PCM. If your company has an existing SAP PCM implementation that needs a new home, contact us today.  Our rapid migration kit along with a team of PlaidCloud and SAP PCM experts will modernize and future-proof your implementation.

Jul 28, 2022
Intercompany Aftermath accounting blog

Intercompany, The Aftermath!

Guest Article by Pheona Bowser Certified Scrum Product Owner | Global Transformation Leader | ERP Implementation | Continuous Improvement | Intercompany Process Owner,...

May 12, 2022
data enrichment pipleline

Data Management in Transfer Pricing

For multinational corporations, transfer pricing and its interaction with tax authorities garner higher and higher amounts of government attention. International tax...

Jan 7, 2022