Better Data Analysis

Collaborate, Analyze, and Scale Effortlessly

Designed for the Enterprise, Usable by Humans

PlaidCloud is a cohesive platform that brings together leading business processes, data analysis methods, workflows, and techniques in a scalable, secure, and trusted environment that is actually simple to use.

PlaidCloud started as a tool to equip data analysts so they spend less time jockeying data and more time on modeling and analysis. PlaidCloud is designed to achieve a quick start with an ability to scale without limits.

Start quickly. Collaborate. Scale up.

Build quickly with PlaidCloud's collaborative development tools. Go further with integrated tools like Excel and Jupyter Notebooks.


Set up data sources

Rapidly assemble and integrate datasets from different sources, including flat files, internal database, and publicly available data.

Data Services
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Build, Scale, and Deploy

Create repeatable workflows that perform simple to complex data quality transformations along with insight generation without writing any code. Native parallel operations make fast work of any size data.


Analyze, Collaborate

Work with global teams in a secure and controlled workspace allowing rapid development and knowledge sharing. Reuse data generated by teams who own it without moving it. Track work progress and execution of both automated and manual workflows.

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Where is PlaidCloud Used

Build quickly. Build better. Start now.