Update Includes

New Items:

  • Cartesian Join Transform (Cross Join) – This allows joining tables together and producing an exhaustive intersection of all the data


  • Numerous system level improvements to take advantage of our upgraded architecture.  This will show in better stability and speed of operations.
  • Cleaner – Substantial improvements in usability including multi-row application now
  • Login – For users who use single sign-on but land on the login page, there is now an option to direct to the appropriate sign-in page
  • Workflow – Selection of a path at create time is now available so new workflows don’t have to land in the root of the hierarchy each time
  • Pasting Steps – Improvements to the Copy and pasting steps between workflows, resulting in a status of ‘Enabled’
  • Data Editor Name – Data editor windows now show the name of the editor to provide better workflow context
  • Data Editor Filters – Filters can now be applied to the set of data in the data editor to enable easier editing