A PlaidCloud production update is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2022.  There will be a short disruption of Dashboards while the updates in our beta site (plaidcloud.net) are being moved to production.


Key Focus Areas for Update

New Releases

  • Upgrade Dashboards – We are rolling out some of the latest changes from the Apache Superset project. These improvements will help to manage and create useful and beautiful visualizations.
  • GIT Integration for User Define Functions – This release provides a new capability for managing UDFs. UDFs allow for maintenance to be done to the code directly in PlaidCloud.  Additionally, you can now include code from Git repositories directly.The ability to include code from Git repos makes development, version management, and code security follow standard development processes.  It also makes branch switching possible for testing and validation.Currently, Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket are supported.
  • Assignments Allow for Mix of Main and Alternate(s) – The allocation assignment interface supports selecting allocation targets based on both the main hierarchy as well as alternate hierarchies.  This provides a strong and consistent way for allocation target selections to be run over time. This is useful when members may change within a group.
  • Allocation Rule Matching Record Count – The record count for records matching the allocation rule are now shown in the assignment screen.
  • New Single Sign-On System – We will continue to roll out our new authentication and authorization system based on Keycloak, a leading security system.  In the upcoming release we will fully integrate Single Sign-on.This feature will become immediately available for customers to begin transitioning to the new system.
  • Navigation Speedups – We will continue to keep an eye on the customer experience and make improvements to help maximize productivity.  We will be implementing a few additional User Interface speed improvements when navigating projects and workflows.


  • Import Excel fails when the same source columns are selected more than once
  • Copying documents between two different Document accounts will fail
  • Selection filter for Table 2 in Lookups and Joins are being misapplied
  • Publishing a table that was not generated will raise a JSON-RPC error
  • Project-to-Project data sharing will fail when Project access is set to Specific Members
  • Cloning a dimension node with a blank value will fail
  • Agent file exports are reporting only 1 record export but is actually exporting the full dataset
  • Steps using Views as the target output are failing when the project is locked
  • Date fields are propagating as Text instead of Date in Table Mapper
  • Editing Project Variables from the home screen will stop working
  • When exporting from Table Explorer, all columns were exported instead of only the visible ones