Update Includes

Major Enhancements to Dimension Hierarchies
We didn’t stop with having fast and flexible dimensional hierarchies.  They are now extra fast with unlimited properties that you can control with editors you define like select boxes, check boxes, text fields, etc.  Layouts are user editable and can be shared with others.  The hierarchy management flexibility and usability also sees major upgrades.  Operations, even on very large dimensions, now occur almost instantly.

While the user interface and core features of the hierarchies are the big items coming in this release, even more will be added to support usage from UDFs and remote operations.  Dimensions can now export and load with Pandas data frames directly.  This greatly simplifies and speeds up hierarchy data processes in UDFs and remote processes.

Intermittent Error Fix Confirmation
The fixes we advanced into production last week have removed the root cause of the errors.  We are continuing to apply more defensive measures in this release for extra safety but believe the issue has been addressed.


  • Data mappers with multiple tables (e.g. Inner Join, Outer Join, Anti-Join, and Lookup) now show the source table for output columns
  • Data Explorer now shows the total rows within a filtered set.  Before it showed the row count currently viewable and the total rows without filters.
  • Data Explorer bug fix that sometimes treated different zero notations as different zeros when viewing in the detailed counts
  • Sharing project data with another project is now much simpler.  Choose to allow Read and/or Write from a peer project.
  • The ability to set default sorts for tables.  This is applied in Data Explorer and PlaidCloud Excel Add-in retrieves.
  • Data transformations are now checked for duplicate output columns.  This allowed saving without errors but caused workflow run-time errors.
  • The viewing of Manager and Explorer selection columns is now only visible to Architects.
  • Flashback now handles config changes too.  It keeps a 30 day copy of all config changes.
  • Various usability upgrades and bug fixes