Update Includes

Dimension Hierarchies are HERE!

With this update you can now load, edit, organize, and view hierarchal information. In addition, several new workflow step types are being added to manage hierarchies.  For instance, a new tab (Dimensions) in the project management area allows you to make unlimited dimensions and associated hierarchies.  Fortunately, these are highly optimizable and will be blazing fast.

This new service allows rolling back data changes to any point in time for the last 30 days.  In fact, you can even restore a past version of the table to a new table.  This is now available from the tables hierarchy in each project and offers a self-service option for recovering data when accidental changes occur.

If you want to keep a flashback point longer than 30 days simply put a hold on it.  Holds will retain the flashback point for as long as the hold is in place, or until the sun goes supernova, whichever comes first.

More Storage Options

Google Cloud Storage and Wasabi Hot Storage are our choices for document storage locations. As a result, this provides more options for accessing data in your storage service.


  • The workflow step table has a lot of information available just a click away.  The design of the table will improve to make it easier to see the most relevant items but quickly get to the other information with the minimum amount of scrolling.
  • Step moves inside a workflow can be controlled from the toolbar making it much easier to make rapid moves up and down the sequence
  • Step filter and expression indicators on the workflow step table help identify which steps have filters and expressions applied
  • Import steps now allow expressions and filters just like other steps.
  • The project home screen layout will be updated to provide more space for viewing the project variables
  • Various usability and performance enhancements and bug fixes