A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 13th at 12am EST. During the update we attempt to keep all systems operational but there may be a brief outage as systems restart. We expect the outage time will last one hour. Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

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Update Includes

A major networking infrastructure upgrade will occur during this time. All systems will experience an outage as systems are moved to our new highly resilient network that improves scalability, reliability, and speed. The new infrastructure will enable us to perform routine maintenance on networking infrastructure without impacting availability of systems going forward.


  • CSV and Excel Import transforms now have a “Skip Rows” functionality that enables skipping past header rows that are contained in the file. This is useful for data that comes in report form which may contain titles and other information prior to the tabular data.
  • Addressed a timeout issue for very large Bill of Materials viewing both on screen and in exported reports for both Indented and Flat views