Update Includes

Dimension Hierarchies Enhancements
We introduced dimensional hierarchies last month but we didn’t stop there.  This update will enhance those hierarchies by adding consolidation types, properties, and values.

Alternate hierarchies are also part of this update.  You can add individual leaf nodes or entire rollup points to alternate hierarchies.

New website
We already launched our new website and you can see it in action now.  This will provide much greater flexibility, search, and enable easier updates to our documentation.  This is all intended to help you make the best use of PlaidCloud.


  • Paste step as reference is now an option instead of the default clone operation.  This helps with reusing steps across workflows.  This was possible to accomplish before but it required adding steps one at a time.  This now allows for mass copy & paste between workflows.
  • Various usability and performance enhancements and bug fixes