Update Includes

PlaidCloud Microsoft Office Add-in (formerly PlaidXL):
The PlaidCloud Microsoft Office Add-in is now available in the Microsoft store.  The add-in allows for direct access to PlaidCloud data in Excel.  It supports both read and write operations with an intuitive use of tabs as tables.

Read more about installation and usage here.

User Interface Enhancements
This update will introduce many usability improvements in the user interface.  These include:

  • Table explorer enhancements that include a column list with powerful filtering and selection
  • Table explorer now supports filtering on null values using the point-and-click filters in the Details tab
  • Simplified but powerful hierarchy moving and indenting/outdenting
  • Several dimension management updates make usage faster and more intuitive
  • Expression editor now has code completion!
  • Expression editor links to documentation about functions and how to use them
  • Web client upgrades don’t force an immediate upgrade and allow saving of work before refreshing
  • Default sorts are applied to Table Explorer and Published Table data automatically unless an override sort is specified
  • External project data import and export simplified allowing easier sharing of data between projects

Flashback Expands Coverage
Flashback previously allowed rolling back table data to any point in time for the last 30 days.  Now Flashback expands its ability to flashback to any save point in the last 30 days for the following items:

  • Tables
  • Step Configurations
  • Workflow Configurations
  • User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Data Editors
  • Dimension Configurations and Data
  • Dashboards

In addition, many other enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes are included behind the scenes.