A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for Saturday, February 24th from 8am EST until 4pm EST. This update will focus on enhancing our infrastructure’s core physical assets. As a result, you may experience a brief, complete outage as systems start to transition. Fortunately, this system outage will occur towards the end of the update. However, PlaidCloud will remain in a read-only mode for most of the time.

During the upgrade window, you will be able to view and explore data but any updates will be lost after systems are switched later in the day. All updates and changes (up to the 8am EST start time) will be transferred over safely.

This infrastructure upgrade is designed to provide a performance and significantly improved expansion capability to our data storage and data transformation layer.

Have questions or looking for an update? Visit PlaidCloud Help.

Remember, you can always check the status of PlaidCloud at our Status Page.