A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm EST/6pm CST. The expected outage time is 3 hours. Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

Why the update on Sunday and why the long outage? We are preparing PlaidCloud for some remarkable new functionality and in preparation we need to run conversion processes on all the data in PlaidCloud. This will take several hours to complete. The conversion process will eventually provide the ability to organize data tables in hierarchies, add tags, and provide access to the tables from all workflows in a project.

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Remember, you can always check the status of PlaidCloud at our Status Page.


Update Includes

New Releases

  • SAP PCM exports now support exporting to file with various delimiters, unicode support, and rule based values.
  • Preparation for moving to hierarchy based table management


  • Minor improvements were made to several workflow transforms