Transfer Pricing


With one seamless soltution, extract and align data from multiple ERPs and other sources. Enable intercompany teams to focus on optimal goods and services pricing, not mundane reconciliations and data validation. PlaidCloud’s solution can modernize your company’s management of intercompany goods and services pricing, invoicing and reporting. Reduce the risk for audit irregularities with our automated intracompany solution. PlaidCloud is your one-stop shop for automating your end to end Transfer Pricing and Intercompany processes. Request a demo below >

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Transfer Pricing:

Turn your Transfer Pricing function from being seen as a cost center to a profit center.

The PlaidCloud Transfer Pricing Solution enables automated calculation of profit & loss across an unlimited number of entities and segments down to the SKU level. Easily customize the business segmentation and define by any number of dimensions. Proactively manage transfer prices on a monthly basis. Handles the reality that entities often reside in multiple ERP systems or in offline systems with manual integration.

PlaidCloud’s Transfer Pricing Solution Key Features:

  • Fully Automated Transfer Pricing Calculations
  • Automated Invoicing & Journal Entries
  • Advanced Scenario Planning / What-if Analysis
  • Intelligent Price Recommendations
  • Price Resets & Adjustments
  • Shared Allocation Adjustments
  • Profitability Monitoring
  • Segmented Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Country-by-country Reporting
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Detailed Audit Traceability

Our Transfer Pricing solution redefines your operational transfer pricing process. Our intelligent technology flags exceptions before you even realize they have happened. PlaidCloud’s technology helps you identify and resolve issues before it’s too late. With the ability to drill down to the transaction level detail, never worry about another audit.

How has PlaidCloud’s Intercompany solution helped organizations like yours?

  • An average reduction of 30% in transfer pricing adjustments / retroactive price adjustments
  • Return on software investment averages 6 months based on proactive scenario modeling functionality
  • Minimum of 5% increase to bottom line profitability after implementation
  • 100% reliance on data for compliance purposes
  • Ability to integrate hundreds of systems and ERPs with ease
  • Unlimited unified profit & loss statements are produced within seconds

With the ability to access PlaidCloud’s full platform, many organization choose to link our Enterprise Profitability and Intercompany & Transfer Pricing solutions to drive value across the entire organization. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to increase your organization’s profitability through intelligent forecast, automated issue identification, and decreased compliance costs – look no further than PlaidCloud.

Benefits of Transfer Pricing:

Cost Efficiency: Transfer pricing allows companies to optimize costs by internalizing transactions within the corporate group, potentially reducing external transaction costs.

Performance Evaluation: Transfer pricing facilitates performance evaluation of different business segments or divisions within the organization, enabling management to assess profitability accurately.

Tax Planning: Effective transfer pricing strategies can help companies minimize tax liabilities by allocating profits to jurisdictions with favorable tax rates while ensuring compliance with relevant tax regulations.

Risk Management: Transfer pricing enables companies to mitigate risks associated with fluctuating currency exchange rates, tariffs, and regulatory changes by centralizing control over intercompany transactions.

Resource Allocation: By accurately valuing intercompany transactions, transfer pricing assists management in allocating resources efficiently across different business units based on their relative profitability and contribution to overall performance.

Enhanced Transparency: Proper documentation of transfer pricing policies enhances transparency and accountability, both internally within the organization and externally with tax authorities and stakeholders.

Compliance with Regulations: Implementing transfer pricing policies in accordance with local and international regulations helps companies avoid penalties, audits, and legal disputes related to tax compliance.

Strategic Decision Making: Transfer pricing provides valuable insights into the financial performance of various business units, enabling informed strategic decisions regarding investment, divestment, and expansion opportunities.

Facilitation of Global Operations: For multinational corporations, transfer pricing facilitates the coordination and integration of operations across different jurisdictions, supporting seamless business operations on a global scale.

Optimization of Supply Chain: Transfer pricing allows companies to optimize their supply chain by aligning pricing strategies with production and distribution processes, thereby improving overall efficiency and competitiveness.

These benefits underscore the importance of transfer pricing as a strategic tool for multinational corporations in managing operations, finances, and tax obligations effectively.

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