We have big news.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on the next evolution of the PlaidCloud platform and it has finally arrived.  We are transitioning all customers over to isolated environments that provide many new benefits such as:

  • Isolation of compute resources to better match customer needs
  • Ability to deploy new features to customers faster
  • Isolation of database resources to better serve varying customer needs
  • Easier expansion of database sizes to meet customer needs
  • Direct access to each project’s data warehouse
  • Enable better control over each customer’s particular security and authentication processes
  • Better failover and redundancy throughout the platform

In the future, we will also enable the ability for customers to choose when and how aggressively they upgrade their PlaidCloud environment.  This is automated, of course, but will provide the freedom to choose when and if upgrades occur during a month.

This also paves the way for the upcoming data warehouse service which will allow you to have multiple data warehouses to support different needs as well as allowing PlaidCloud Projects to easily switch/connect among them.

We will be contacting you individually to schedule a time for the transition.  NOTHING WILL CHANGE with current PlaidCloud.  You will have until February 2023 to make the transition.  We encourage you to migrate sooner rather than later to get access to all the new capabilities.

Key Focus Areas For Update

Improved Project Import

Improvements to imports of project archives now allow selecting only the items you would like to import.  Rest assured, all dependencies are determined for you. This also allows combining portions of projects through a series of imports from various archives.

Improved Dimension Operations

Many new capabilities are now available for dimensions including natural sorting of dimension names and better default behaviors

Dimension Export to Table

A new workflow step is available that enables exporting of a dimension directly to a table for use in other data operations.  In the past, this was accomplished using a UDF and accessing various APIs.  Now, it is a point-and-click setup like other workflow steps.

Load Dimension Aliases

The Dimension Load step now includes the ability to load multiple aliases on dimension nodes.  This supports an unlimited number of aliases.

A PlaidCloud production update is scheduled for Friday 15 Oct 2022.  There will be no disruptions.