A PlaidCloud service update is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 11th at 2pm EST. During the update we attempt to keep all systems operational but there may be a brief outage as systems restart. The expected outage time is less than ten minutes. Please plan to complete your work outside of these hours. For global times please see below.

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Remember, you can always check the status of PlaidCloud at our Status Page.


Update Includes

New Items:

UPSERT Transform – The upsert transform will update any matched rows in a target table and add new ones. This is useful when both changes and new additions need to be applied to an existing set of data.

Conditional Step Running – Now steps can have conditions applied to control whether they run as part of a workflow. Condition checks include:

  • Project and Workflow variable values
  • Tables have or don’t have data
  • Query value
  • Document file exists or doesn’t exist
  • Day, date, and time


  • Several usability enhancements and minor bug fixes