Update Includes

Instantly speed up workflows and reduce data storage usage through the use of views rather than tables for data.  Views are now available as an option instead of traditional tables.  Here is what views offer:

  • Views are on-demand snapshots of data and can only access that data when the user needs it in real time
  • Views don’t consume any data storage space
  • Views don’t normally have row counts but you can activate diagnostic mode on workflows and even set steps to always calculate row counts.  For maximum performance it is best to have row counting disabled.
  • Views can be used where most tables are used today, with the exception of imports
  • PlaidCloud has a table optimizer that will recommend changes from tables to views for speeding up your workflows

For those of you who love the old BASIC days, we are adding a throwback feature that allows you to skip a block of steps when a condition is met or error is raised on a step.  This can save a lot of additional work by eliminating the need to place the same condition on multiple steps to avoid execution when jumping over the block of steps is much easier.

Dimension Improvements
Dimensions had a lot of behind the scenes optimization with a few user facing highlights:

  • Sort items in a dimension hierarchy
  • Refer to items in the hierarchies by their aliases as well as name
  • Ability to clear a property
  • Default property type is now set to Text

Flashback Expands Coverage
Flashback has a new and improved version backup scheduler and continues to expand coverage of items in PlaidCloud.  Now Flashback expands its ability to flashback to any save point in the last 30 days for the following items:

  • Document Account Configurations
  • Scheduled Events
  • External Data Connections and Environments

In addition, many other enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes are included behind the scenes.