Data Enrichment Pipeline

The PlaidCloud Data Enrichment Pipeline solution provides data connectors for system and datasource integration, an extensive collection of data analysis tools, and the ability to easily share data and analyze results.

Data Enrichment Pipeline computer screen

Build End-to-End Data Pipelines

Datasource integration from multiple sources. Handle exceptions and outliers. Share data analysis results.

Import, Transform & Export Data

Use a low-code interface to build, run, and automate data enrichment processes.
Import Transform Export Data screen

Manage Inbound & Outbound Data

Manage Large Datasets

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PlaidCloud uses Greenplum technology to handle large data efficiently.
Data Size screen

Filter Inbound & Outbound Data

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Each transformation step can have inbound and outbound data filters.
Data Filter screen

Clean Incoming Data

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Data can be sanitized upon import.
Data Cleaning screen

Easily Enhance Your Data

Alter Data With Expressions

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Every field can be transformed with detailed data expressions.
Data Transformation screen

Transform Data With Prebuilt Steps

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Extensive library of data extraction, transformation, and analysis tools with point-and-click configuration.
Data Enhancements screen

Apply User-Defined Python

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User defined transforms allow for custom logic within a workflow using Python.
Customizations screen

View & Visualize Your Data

Inspect Database Tables

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View any dataset with Table Explorer.
Quick Data Insight screen

Access Summerizations Quickly

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Quickly analyze data using Table Explorer’s interactive grouping and filtering capabilities.
Ad Hoc Analysis screen

Visualize Data

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Integrated Apache Superset for data visualization and high-performance dashboarding.
Data Visualization screen

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Key Benefits

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Automated Interfaces

Automatically extract data from ERPs, databases, files, REST endpoints, and cloud services.

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Clean & Unify

Clean and unify your data using point and click configuration with an unlimited number of data manipulation and cleaning steps.

Data Enrichment Pipeline Enhancement icon


Build enhanced data sets with an extensive library of extraction, transformation, and analysis tools.

data exploration icon

Data Exploration

Explore transaction-level data on the fly with our built-in Table Explorer. Highlight trends, exceptions and outliers with an integrated dashboard solutions.

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Turn your company’s financial and operational data into actionable insights with impact.

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Start with Pre-Built Flexible Solutions

PlaidCloud's AI managed infrastructure ensures the technology is always there when you need it and self-heals so you never have to worry. Batteries included, nothing to install or settings to decide. Focus on analysis and insights. Leave the tech to us. Fast and complete, everything you need from data collection with powerful transformations to beautiful dashboards. All built for speed on any size data.

Goods Transfer Pricing

Automate OPEX allocations, segmented P&L, profit monitoring, price resetting, CbCR reporting.

Goods Transfer Pricing icon

Profitability & Cost Management

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

Profitability Cost Management icon

Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

Interco Invoicing Tax Compliance icon

Data Pipeline

Leading data analysis methods, workflows & techniques.

Data Pipeline icon

IT Chargeback

Based on standard (e.g. ITIL, MOF, TBM) or bespoke framework of your choice.

IT Chargeback icon

Data Visualization

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

Data Visualization Icon