Platform Features

PlaidCloud’s platform features include low-code solutions providing datasource integration, an extensive collection of data analysis tools, the ability to easily share data and analysis pipelines, all built on top of enterprise level technology for maximum security and performance.

Platform Overview / Hierarchy

Create unlimited workspaces, projects and workflows, add as many users to the platform as required.

Segregated company area within PlaidCloud.
Team area where project & workflow outputs can be shared.
Process delivering business value.
Run book of activities enabling a process or part of one.
Building block to achieve a process.
PlaidCloud platform feature infographic

Technology Features



SOC 2 certification with continuous monitoring from Drata.


Built with Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform & Greenplum.


Extensive use of distributed in-memory systems.


Built with Keycloak, a leading open security platform.

Platform Access



Extends access to systems and files behind a firewall using secure agents.


Interact with data directly from MS Excel desktop and web.

RPC & Command Line

All operations can be performed through JSON-RPC.


Interact from any Jupiter notebook or Python IDE.


Data Cleaning
Data Enhancement
Data Transformation
Custom Scripting

Pre-configured data cleaning transforms are available on each field.

Data Cleaning screen

Extensive library of low code data extraction, transformation, and analysis tools with point-and-click configuration.

Data Enhancements screen

Every field can be transformed with detailed data expressions.

Data Transformation screen

User defined transforms allow for custom logic within a workflow using Python.

Customizations screen

Notifications & Security

Security Group Management

Such as Email, SMS, Slack, Teams, and REST.

Notifications screen

Share data and analysis pipelines while easily controlling access to sensitive information.

Security Group Managementscreen


Data Input & Integrations

Data Editing & Collection
Integrate Files, Data & Systems

Change table data directly or add new data rows using Data Editor.

Data Editor Screen

Use data connectors for on-premises and cloud integration, such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP ECC, SAP HANA, Hadoop, Greenplum, Redshift, and Snowflake.

Integrate Files Data and Systems screen



Dimensional Hierarchy Management
Multi-Dimensional Allocations and Analysis

Hierarchies featuring leaves, branches, parents, alternate roll-ups, attributes, n levels, inclusion/exclusion sets, and intersections.

Built In Flexibility Screen

Perform simple to complex multi-stage allocations with a point-and-click interface.

Multi-Dimensional Allocations and Analysis

Insight & Analysis

Quick Data Insight
Ad-Hoc Analysis

View data on the fly using Table Explorer.

Quick Data Insight screen

Quickly analyze data using Table Explorer’s interactive grouping and filtering capabilities.

Ad Hoc Analysis screen

Data Visualization

Integrated Apache Superset for high-performance dashboarding.

Cost to Serve screen

Inventory Dashboard Examples

Mixed Bar & Line Chart
Nested Treemap

Mixed bar and line chart of inventory forecast.

Mixed Bar and Line Chart screen

Nested treemap of inventory analysis.

Nested Treemap

Cost Allocation Dashboard Examples

Big Number, Bar & Sankey Charts
Big Number, Pie & Map Charts

Big Number, Bar, & Sankey Charts of multi-level cost allocations.

Big Number, Bar, & Sankey Charts

Big number, pie, and map charts of intercompany invoices.

Big Number Pie & Map Charts

Shipping Dashboard Examples

Doughnut Charts
Pie & Line Charts

Doughnut chart of shipping method.

Doughnut Chart

Pie and line charts of delivery method of transit.

Pie & Stacked Line Charts

SAP Partner
Google Cloud
Microsoft App


Fully transparent solution for automated OPEX allocations, segmented P&L reporting, profit monitoring, price resetting and country-by-country reporting.

PlaidCloud Free Trial Screen

Start with Pre-Built Flexible Solutions

PlaidCloud's AI managed infrastructure ensures the technology is always there when you need it and self-heals so you never have to worry. Batteries included, nothing to install or settings to decide. Focus on analysis and insights. Leave the tech to us. Fast and complete, everything you need from data collection with powerful transformations to beautiful dashboards. All built for speed on any size data.

Goods Transfer Pricing

Generate fully automated OPEX allocations, segmented P&L, profit monitoring, price resets and country-by-country reporting.

Goods Transfer Pricing icon

Profitability & Cost Management

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

Profitability Cost Management icon

Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

Interco Invoicing Tax Compliance icon

Data Pipeline

Leading data analysis methods, workflows & techniques.

Data Pipeline icon

IT Chargeback

Based on standard (e.g. ITIL, MOF, TBM) or bespoke framework of your choice.

IT Chargeback icon

Data Visualization

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

Data Visualization Icon