Profitability & Cost Management

Drive efficiency in your business by knowing your operating margin and net margin by customer, product, and channel.

The PlaidCloud Profitability & Cost Management solution calculates and shares customer profitability and product profitability information.

PlaidCloud is designed to automate the data wrangling portion of a customer profitability system while placing control of business decisions such as cost allocations into the hands of financial analysts.  PlaidCloud is equipped to ingest source data from multiple ERP systems and offline systems with manual integration.

Monitor Net Margin by Product Segment

Build an Accurate & Detailed View of Enterprise Profitability

With PlaidCloud, the finance and operations teams are able to calculate operating margin and net margin for every unit of sale. Our solution enables data-driven organizations to progress from a gross margin mindset to toward accurate & repeatable calculation of operating margin and net margin by customer, product & channel.

Build Complete Profitability & Cost Management Models

Automate the use of managerial accounting techniques such as activity based costing & driver-based allocations to produce accurate and timely cost allocations, customer profitability & customer profitability.


Automate Entire Goods Transfer Pricing Process

Build Multi-Dimensional Costing & Profitability Models

Country by Country Reporting (CbCR)

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Report revenue, profit, and other key measures by country.
Country by Country Reporting CbCR Screen

Profit Monitoring

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Monitor YTD margins in order to anticipate price changes.
Profit Monitoring Screen

Segmented P&L Reporting

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Detailed auditable P&L by segment available with traceback to financials.
Segmented P&L Screen

Allocate Costs, Monitor & Visualize Profit

OPEX Allocations

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Point & click rule based assignments can be configured and maintained easily by business analysts.
This results in ownership by the business and responsiveness needed to maintain accuracy over time.

Global Cost Visualization

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View costs split by direct vs. indirect categories. In addition,
view costs flowing through to different cost objects such as customer, product, and channel.
Global Cost Visualization screen

Cost Trends

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Track cost and profitability performance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
Additionally, both Year-to-Date  and Travelling Twelve Month views can be supported.
Cost Trends screen

Profit Monitoring

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Monitor net margin on a monthly basis, resulting in a more responsive organization.
Businesses are more efficient in the long run when accurate cost and P&L data is readily available.
Profit Monitoring screen

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Key Benefits

goods transfer pricing automation icon


Runs automatically as part periodic or month-end close process.

profitability multi dimensional icon

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Analyze profitability across customer, product, channel, etc.

goods transfer pricing configurability icon


The finance team controls allocation logic using interfaces, not code.

goods transfer pricing traceability icon


Results tie out to company financials.

Start with a conversation.

Turn your company’s financial and operational data into actionable insights with impact.

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Start with Pre-Built Flexible Solutions

PlaidCloud’s AI managed infrastructure ensures the technology is always there when you need it and self-heals so you never have to worry. Batteries included, nothing to install or settings to decide. Focus on analysis and insights. Leave the tech to us. Fast and complete, everything you need from data collection with powerful transformations to beautiful dashboards. All built for speed on any size data.

Goods Transfer Pricing

Automate OPEX allocations, segmented P&L, profit monitoring, price resetting, CbCR reporting.

Goods Transfer Pricing icon

Profitability & Cost Management

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

Profitability Cost Management icon

Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

Interco Invoicing Tax Compliance icon

Data Pipeline

Leading data analysis methods, workflows & techniques.

Data Pipeline icon

IT Chargeback

Based on standard (e.g. ITIL, MOF, TBM) or bespoke framework of your choice.

IT Chargeback icon

Data Visualization

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

Data Visualization Icon