Intercompany & Transfer Pricing


With one seamless solution, extract and align data from multiple ERPs and other sources. Enable intercompany teams to focus on optimal goods and services pricing, not mundane reconciliations and data validation. PlaidCloud’s solution can modernize your company’s management of intercompany goods and services pricing, invoicing and reporting. Reduce the risk for audit irregularities with our automated intracompany solution. PlaidCloud is your one-stop shop for automating your end to end Transfer Pricing and Intercompany processes. Request a demo below >

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Key Features


  • Automated end-to-end workflow
  • Simultaneous posting of sending and receiving entries
  • Invoice creation & attachment
  • Driver-based allocations of shared charges
  • Country-compliant calculations including markup, VAT, WHT
  • Reconciliation of AP / AR across entities and ERP systems
  • Clear and defensible audit trail


  • Intelligent price change recommendations
  • Automated price adjustments
  • Rules based determination of transfer pricing method
  • Profit monitoring by segment, function
  • Automated exception handling
  • VAT, GST, & WHT rules and integrations
  • Country by Country (CbCR) reporting
  • Tax compliance support
Interco Invoicing Tax Compliance icon

Global Intercompany Invoicing & Tax Compliance

Generate and post coordinated invoices across multiple ERP systems, entities, and offline companies. Enable auto-calculation of VAT, GST, Withholding & local taxes on an invoice line item basis. Handle the reality that entities often reside in multiple ERPs or offline systems with manual integration.

generate IT Chargeback Invoices

Flexible & Automated

Flexible Automated Intercompany Invoicing

Create a flexible, automated invoicing solution that prevents month-end intercompany issues and keeps your tax and contract teams in compliance.

Automate & Monitor Invoicing Process
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Generate and post coordinated invoices across multiple ERP systems, entities, and offline companies.

Connect to Unlimited Data Sources & Systems
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Use PlaidCloud’s native data enrichment functionality to connect and integrate to any system, data source and file type.

Automate Allocations
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Automated classification, grouping and allocations based on rules and assignments.

Monitor Costs & Contract Compliance
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Monitor costs and charges at the entity, country, region and charge type levels vs. historical and target. Develop views for intercompany contract teams.

Calculate Markups, VAT & Withholding Tax
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PlaidCloud provides auto calculation of VAT, GST, Withholding and local taxes.
VAT and WHT rates can be sourced from a system of record or configured on a case-by-case basis.

Enhanced Support for Tax Teams
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PlaidCloud provides specialized views for tax support, to ensure intercompany invoicing tax compliance.

Automate the Entire Intercompany Invoicing Process

Centralized solution that unifies the entire intercompany invoicing process.

Automate The Entire Intercompany Invoicing Process infographic

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Intercompany Balancing & Resolution

Coordinated invoicing across global ERP systems with workflows that automate the end-to-end process and leverage golden source information. PlaidCloud facilitates transactions by handling intercompany billing, which includes the allocation calculation for service recharges, markup provisions, tax calculations (VAT, GST, WHT), and itemized invoice creation. PlaidCloud automates journal entries for both intercompany-related parties (the seller and the buyer) and helps identify intercompany exceptions. Intercompany elimination is a critical month-end activity to close the balance sheet without top-side adjustments. PlaidCloud also attaches the invoice document to the associated journal entries to substantiate the Intercompany Transaction.

Improve Accuracy

Automate intercompany AR/AP entries and post back to ERPs in real-time, eliminating the manual effort
and improving the accuracy of transactions.

Intercompany Balancing Resolution
Goods Transfer Pricing icon

Goods Transfer Pricing

The PlaidCloud Goods Transfer Pricing Solution enables automated calculation of P&L across an unlimited number of entities and segments down to the SKU level. Easily customize the business segmentation and define by any number of dimensions. Proactively manage goods transfer prices on a monthly basis. Handles the reality that entities often reside in multiple ERP systems or in offline systems with manual integration.

Goods Transfer Pricing Dashboard

Automated Calculation of Segmented P&L and Precise OPEX Allocation

Allocate OPEX With Precision
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Point & click rule-based assignments configured & maintained easily.
Provides responsive and accurate system over time.

Share Outputs With Stakeholders
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Report revenue, profit and other key measures by country.
Monitor YTD margins to anticipate price changes.
Be more efficient when accurate P&L data is readily available.

Calculate & Submit Updated Transfer Prices
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Manage transfer pricing process from source data to price resets & reporting.

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Where We Have Added Real Value.

FORTUNE 500 Manufacturing Customer
$3 Billion Dollars of Intercompany Transactions Processed Annually
4 Day Reduction of Close
9,000 Intercompany Invoices Generated Monthly
70% reduction in FTE Processing Intercompany Activities
Preparing for Pillar Two – Part 2

Preparing for Pillar Two – Part 2

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Leveraging PlaidCloud for Pillar Two Readiness

Leveraging PlaidCloud for Pillar Two Readiness

Proactive Step towards Pillar Two Take a proactive step towards Pillar Two compliance with PlaidCloud’s purpose-built tax allocation and calculation solution. Pillar Two requirements, implications,...

Preparing for Pillar Two

Preparing for Pillar Two

Sean Faulkner, Co-Managing Partner of Valentiam Group Procuring and managing the data required for various transfer pricing compliance requirements has become an ever-increasing burden over the past...

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Intercompany & Transfer Pricing

Generate & post invoicing across multiple systems.

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Enterprise Profitability

Calculate net margin by customer, channel and product.

Profitability Cost Management icon

Supply Chain

Seamlessly monitor even the most complex network.

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Data Wrangling

Pipeline from source data to Apache Superset charts & dashboards.

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